May 12, 2008

El Salvador Pictures and More Promises to Blog More

This year, I pledged to become a regular blogger. I have much to blog about, but making the time to get this done has still not become routine. But, along with some more silly observations, there are very important blogs to post.

I will spend more time on this, but I earlier pledged to give some more photos and info from my El Salvador trip. I have delayed posting them, thinking it was a time consuming project. But fortunately, I was able to upload them to my Facebook account in one shot, and now you can view them here. They don't give the philosophical story, but it will give you a visual context for the upcoming more detailed blog.

Don't hold your breath, but really, its on the way.

As far as the blogging goes, I've got a few coming soon, including some insights on Lost and especially its fascinating John Locke character. For those of you who can't wait until Thursday, or for those looking for a new cool You Tube video, here is an oldie but a goodie from an amazing computer artist.

Here's the link to my El Salvador pics: