Jan 1, 2008

New Year - New Blog

Happy New Year 2008!

New Year's Day.

It seems like the best day to try once again to become a regular blogger.

I've tried several times to make this a regular habit. I was once posting on three separate blogs at the same time. That was fun, but I never had the time for all that, so none of them became fruitful.

So today, I'll begin a new blog without some funny name or title and without a limited scope of content. Just a blog to express ideas, stories, thoughts, whatever, in a hope to find this medium useful for ministry and personal growth.

There are so many reasons that this is a good thing for me to do. I won't explain here as they will become evident in time in the event that this new blog remains current.

Where to start?

How about some resolutions for 2008?

These are in no particular order of importance or priority. Just a few things I'm thinking about on this New Year's Day...

Blog more: Thus, you are reading this...

Take a real vacation: Other than a couple of family visits, Kristy and I haven't taken a vacation for a long time. This is not to say that family trips are not vacation. We have decided that most of our vacation time should be spent with our families who live in other states. But a trip somewhere new, just the two of us, that's what I'm talking about here. Its been a long time.

We knew that 2007 would be an unusually busy year, but we thought we would have some chance to get out of town for a while. Didn't happen.

So, we are thinking of going to Ireland this year. We almost have enough Frequent Flyer Miles to go to the moon, so Ireland should be no problem. We have missionary friends there to visit and to mooch off of, so it will be a cheap trip. Except for the airport Starbuck's - they really stiff you for a regular tall coffee!

Its also the last year for the original Yankee Stadium and I think I should go take in a game (and also mark the FDR Presidential Library off my list.)

Remember the Sabbath: Pastors don't get Sundays off. Unbeknownst to some people, but knownst to most doctors, pastors work too much. My non-church-going doctor even pointed out to me that pastors are some of the most stressed out patients he sees. I've been helping him understand why.

This year, I must commit to a weekly day off, a true Sabbath. No work - just God and the family. Its going to be on Fridays. I need to do it before I can teach it well.

Go to the beach more: Its ridiculous to live in this town and not be at the beach more often. There may not be a better place to live on the planet and I hardly make it to the beach. I think that's where I should be most Fridays in 2008.

Lose weight: Well, I didn't gain any weight in 2007, that's the good news. But I'm at this crazy size where its hard to get clothes to fit. I'm an "extra-medium." I have yet to find a store that carries that size.

Stop smoking: I don't smoke now and I've never been a smoker. Its extremely unlikely that I will start smoking this year, so this will be an easy one to keep. Its good to have a few gimmes.

I have other resolutions, mostly they are between me and God and they will stay there. I'll probably think of some more later that could have been a part of this blog post but this will have to do.

The real purpose of this post has more to do with keeping the first resolution listed here anyway.

May God bless you tremendously in 2008!


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