Jan 2, 2008

Some Business in Ghana

Death - not what I figured I would post about on just the second day.

In the US, most people don’t spend a whole lot of time contemplating our common fate, unless we have good reason to believe it is coming soon or unless we have an Adjustable Rate Mortgage. Other than life insurance, most people don’t really plan for it.

One business that will always be in business is the death business. One out of every one person dies. Wars and disease do not increase death, they only affect the time and circumstance of it. Everyone is a customer. You can even buy your coffin at Costco; however, you may have to buy the 2-pack.

A friend of mine is a missionary in Ghana. In every economy, some businesses thrive more than others. In Ghana, the funeral and casket making business is quite visible sadly, as the circumstances in this impoverished nation keep death and dying in the greater conscious of the typical person. He has recently been posting some local advertising for caskets. These photos struck me as a profound statement about our blessings and the opportunities we have to bless others.

Coffins as common as coffee tables.

"Time Will Tell" - a salesman with a sense of humor.

Wherever you go, some American has a business going.

If you can't read it, the ad on the right is for an undertaker, just in case you might need one while you are visiting this town.

For some with a little extra money, fancy caskets are all the rage.

Ghana is one of those poor countries that has one of the best chances to grow economically. It has relatively little violence compared to many of its neighbors, abundant natural resources, great people and a great location (coastal Africa) for business and trade. They even speak English. But the poverty level, especially in rural areas, is overwhelming. And people don't live very long.

Government corruption is one of the major problems, making it difficult for world governments to help and international aid is often squandered.

Who can help? I believe that ultimately, only the Church is free to help, without hindrance of bureaucracy or corrupt governments. People like my friend Stacey, who go and demonstrate and announce the message of Christ.

Praying for Ghana today.

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